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A word from our founder.

A common value every corner of our society shares is serving one another to build community.  Every group within the human family benefits from leadership.  Every decision a leader makes is influenced by the quality of their character. Pivotal Directions students form an alliance and work toward this common vision of leadership, service, and character. (Maybe our 3 key words from the Home page) A Pivotal Directions student is known for raising the bar of excellence. They are young people committed to learning about leadership and character, developing themselves, and celebrating the act of service. 

Many schools and organizations require or encourage service hours, but who is managing that process? Who is giving our young people, our future leaders, direction? Who is assisting parents and their teens in the documentation process for future resumes, scholarship and college applications? Pivotal Directions acts as a guide to assist students to chart their course. Pivotal Directions offers a comprehensive service-learning program for students who are looking for an edge in our competitive world to become the best they can be. Let Pivotal Directions pick up where other areas of our society leave off. Our children only know what they have been exposed to. Pivotal Directions expands the knowledge base of life experience. Whether it is the experience gained in hands-on service learning or learning from the diverse life-experience of the Pivotal Directors who walk with you in one of our journeys, we help chart your direction.  Each of us, if asked, could chart “pivotal moments” along our lifeline that helped form who we are. Some we control, and some we do not. Pivotal Directions puts the control into your hands to intentionally create an experience, a “Pivotal Moment” that allows character to develop through the act of leadership and service. The control piece is whether or not you hear the call to serve, engage in the experience, and then how you respond. On our path in life we are faced with many challenges, many of which take root in our youth. Strong character can overcome complacency and strengthen decision-making. Building character, however, does not come naturally. It takes work, commitment, dedication and sacrifice. We must seek opportunities to step out of our comfort zone, to discover what hidden qualities exist as diamonds in the rough. Reaching out to those in need in the act of solidarity and service can uncover leadership skills, provide perspective on what we have been given, and motivate us to make a difference. 

Pivotal Direction’s unique experiences have proven that it can help the individual forge character that will have life-long implications. I hope you spend some time looking around our website and learn about how you can set a new standard in life. Your support of our programs is an investment in the future! 

Safe Travels! 

Founder and Executive Director, Jeff Wenzler

Author of “The Pivotal Life: A Compass for Discovering Purpose, Passion & Perspective”.

Executive Producer of “10 Dollar Perspective – Living in Poverty”.