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Jamaican drummer boy


Coming to America

Jamaican family visits Pivotal at home. 

The Lives We Impact

Pivotal Directions serves two levels of people. We empower American teenagers and pre-teens to model lives of servant leaders in marginalized communities while serving children in need. Our student leaders volunteer in landfill communities, orphanages, and impoverished schools in Kingston, Jamaica, Guatemala and in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. We are proud our students return home to be more active, socially and globally aware of the world around them.

An Introduction

  • Serving landfill communities
  • Serving orphanages
  • Providing Servant Leadership training
  • Shipping school supplies to low income schools
  • Providing education in Guatemala and Jamaica and Milwaukee

Servant Leaders

We’re fortunate enough to just turn on a faucet to have access to life’s most essential ingredient: clean water. For many people, though, getting access to something so basic is incredibly difficult.

It’s important to us to be as clear about what we do as the communities in need. This list details a majority of our recent initiatives that we want your participation in.


Where there’s poverty, there’s need. We reach out to communities, both locally and abroad, to develop servant leaders. that create change. We need your help, though to fulfill our mission. Read more....

Our Misson